Social Benefits of Exercise

Exercise Offers More Than Physical Benefits

The benefits of exercise do not stop at a physical level. It also spreads into other aspects of our lives- on emotional, mental and social levels as well. The aspect of exercise that I want people to consider is the social. When getting involved in a workout routine sticking with it can sometimes seem difficult, or even impossible. By creating a social event out of your workout routine, you will be more likely to stay motivated, stick with your plans, and eventually reach your goals.

Create Commitments

When starting out with a new routine, it is easy to disregard exercise as a social opportunity. Going to the gym, working out alone, then heading home is not always the most motivating way to get in shape. Here are some great ways to create a social event out of your workout routine:

  • Get Involved with Others at the Gym
  • Set a Date to Workout with Friends
  • Join a Team or Class

By creating a social event out of your routine, you will feel committed to those around you and will begin to feel responsible to show up for these events. By doing so, you will not only benefit yourself, but those you are involved with. Many of these relationships can reach beyond your workout routine, entering your regular social life by creating bonds and allowing for friendships to be built from common interests- especially physical exercise!

Social Belonging- Going Beyond Exercise

Many recent college graduates enter a society where they may not feel as accepted, or feel a sense of social belonging. Joining a community group, or local exercise class, will allow for students to meet others with common interests and feel that they are becoming a part of the surrounding community. Often times once you are involved within a community you are likely to begin taking interest in other activities as a group, and advocating for things you may all feel passionate about. Having this support behind you, and being heard as a group rather than an individual, gives you an opportunity to take advantage of your social standing and make a change in the world!

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One Response to Social Benefits of Exercise

  1. b2800 says:

    Great post – Glad I’m a fitness junkie. Lol, Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great posts.

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