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The topics discussed in chapters 12-13 are an essential part of social media and how we (as a company) interact with the public. In order to do so, we must evaluate our company and define what image we want to¬†interpret¬†to … Continue reading

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This weeks reading and video were great reference points for companies who are starting to get involved in social media and how to gain social interaction. I felt this weeks reading did a great job following up on last weeks … Continue reading

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When reading through the first four chapters of the book, the things that seemed the most important to me were being human, connecting with the readers, and forging lasting relationships. In chapter two it explains how to do this by … Continue reading

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Duty Calls!

Personal Turns Professional Recently I stepped away from this blog (even with it being so new- sorry!) so I could focus on my work place website and other social medias that I work with for my job- which also happens … Continue reading

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