When reading through the first four chapters of the book, the things that seemed the most important to me were being human, connecting with the readers, and forging lasting relationships.
In chapter two it explains how to do this by understanding the who, what, when, where, how, why and to what extent. By following these, you are able to connect with the readers by giving the proper information, allowing you to connect with the readers on all levels. It was interesting to read the examples that were given about blogs, podcasts, and wikis and how the public reacts to these style of social media.
The other point I found interesting was how companies use social media to their advantage, but not always in the most honest ways. The book describes how some companies align with other companies to receive more posts and traffic this way, which is a great way to gain more attention to the company, but this is not seen by readers.

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One Response to Week3R

  1. We talked about this concept yesterday, but yes – building relationships is even more key in SM. Consumers want companies to be real and engage authentically. People can see through fake social media strategies so easily. This is a theme that is consistent throughout the semester and one that we’ll keep coming back to.

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