This weeks reading and video were great reference points for companies who are starting to get involved in social media and how to gain social interaction. I felt this weeks reading did a great job following up on last weeks reading by following up on SEO-search engine optimization, and stepping into SMO-Social Media Optimization. The combination of these two strategies, as well as paying attention to things such as social objects (content that can induce responses), and how different networks and social medias work, can make a big difference in your companies social media success.

Brian Solis elaborates on the forms of searching that are most commonly used now: traditional, real time, social network, and social search, and how to be found within these styles of search engines. In order to do this, we must utilize ‘metadata’ by inputting the proper words into our titles, descriptions and tags so that people will be more likely to find our pieces among relative pieces.

I completely agree with this, and the fact that we, as social media users, have become our own librarians and are able to categorize our work into sections and areas of interest for readers gives us the freedom to choose what we write about and where we want readers to find it. I find this to be very helpful on both sides of the scene- when searching the Internet and when posting something on the Internet. Being able to identify where pieces can be found makes my search easier, and being able to place my own writing into a specific category will allow more traffic through my work. This becomes increasingly important for growing companies and getting their news and product information out to consumers.

The inbound marketing video we watched discussed the ideas of how we put information out to readers and consumers. In order to get people to pay attention to what we have to say, we have to make sure we are presenting our information in the proper ways. A few tips he gave were to:

-Find and target your influencers
-Avoid link fatigue
-Help your audience look cool
-Stick with safe and new information
-Combine relevant information for your audience-blending old and new

If you are able to use these ideas while posting on social medias, it will help increase the likelihood of traffic on your companies page and keep readers coming back.

One great representation of this is a website that I follow frequently: http://www.yogajournal.com/
This website regularly posts great videos, blogs and newsletters to allow readers to follow their information, and shows how many tweets or Facebook likes they receive on their articles, enticing readers to read, which was a large topic during the video. They keep their information relevant, as well as their ads and post on new topics instead of regurgitating old topics from other sites.

All in all, I think this weeks information is noting that it is important to keep the subject anchored, know how to deliver it to the audience, and make it interesting for them! If you are able to do this, then your writing will be that much better.

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