Social media is propelling forward as long as technology keeps evolving, and with it, writing professionals and public relation practitioners. We are swept up in the need for instant updating, answering and the unification of customer and company. However, we also have to keep in mind the amount of information that customers can take in at one time. “Social network fatigue” is one way to describe this. When customers are constantly being overloaded with information from companies, it can cause them to turn away and easily give up on the company as well as what they are putting out to the public. This can be especially true of the information that is being put out there is not timely or relavent to what consumers are looking for, making the decision to turn away all that much easier.

Social Media not only promotes the good, but everything that is out there.

Chapter 15 talks about how we are perceived on the internet based on what we put out on the internet, regardless of whether or not it is in a personal or professional way. When people search for your company name or someone specifically within it, the internet is not going to pull up only the good things, but everything that you put out there. Being mindful of what photos, videos, or posts you make to any form of social media can make the difference between getting the job you want and not getting it. One example of just how important it is to understand that you represent the company you work for is the incident including the Taco Bell franchise. When an employee tweeted photos of himself urinating on a “about to be thrown out anyway” platter of nachos. This cost him his job, which he did not seem to care much about, but ultimately also set back the local Taco Bell’s reputation. These types of posts can be damaging to companies that revolve around cleanliness, honesty, and integrity. http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/08/03/taco-bell-employee-fired-for-allegedly-urinating-onto-nacho-platter/

 Writing major means you are a Jack of All Trades, Right?

Chapter 16 goes over a lot of what I am dealing with now in my current job (as well as what we happen to be discussing in PR writing!). I was hired in as a sales person at a cycling shop, but once they found out I was a written communication major they asked me to deal with the social medias (their Facebook and website mainly). Walking into it, I had NO experience what-so-ever for web design, or even the platform they were using (which, happens to be WordPress). I was very frustrated at having to not only figure out how to update the website to the best of my abilities, but had to figure out how to work the platform to post them in, as well as how to use tools such as Adobe products like Photoshop. This was the most frustrating part for me. Not knowing how to interact with these tools and use them to my advantage made my task of doing updates very difficult and time consuming. I watched many videos, scoured the web for help, and asked the last person who was in charge of the website for helpful tips. I began to play around with these tools and started making some basic posts to get the feeling for how these tools worked. Even if my work is just at a basic level as of now, we all have to start somewhere and I am so thankful that this company is allowing me to run with whatever ideas I have for their social media.

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