Inbound Marketing Video: PR for Inbound Marketing

This week we watched a video about how media has changed, and how we can use it to our advantage as companies. Most of the information that was included in this video is exactly what we have been discussing, experiencing and viewing in our class- How are companies getting involved, and are they doing it right. Last week we paired up and looked at companies and what they are doing in social media, what people are saying about them and how they are reacting to what the companies are putting out and what we thought about these companies.

The inbound marketing video tells us what companies should be thinking about, and how to go about putting out information that is going to be relevant and important to readers. I was a little surprised at how companies are expected to post every day. Right now, for my job I am the only person in charge of social media, as well as communications. Knowing that I should be posting every day is a lot of pressure, especially when I am required to wear so many hats at work, and having shorter hours because of school. It was good to know that we are not required to post NEW things every day. Retweeting, commenting and adding insightful information to the community that we hope to get traffic from makes it a little easier.

It was good to see more examples of what sites companies are using to study and review their own websites or forms of social media to see what kind of traffic they are getting. I have not yet done this for my company (frankly, I am a little nervous to do so….) but I now have a list of websites I can refer back to when I decide to take that leap and see what is working and what is not, to make the changes that are necessary to gain more traffic and involvement in the community.

After reading about SEO, discussing it in classes, and watching this video that heavily relates to it, I am now realizing how important it is to optimize your chances of being found. It is no longer about marketing, it is about how easily people can find you. In order to do this, you have to put yourself out there (every day) and gain influencers that are going to mark you as reliable and credible. This seems challenging, which is probably why most companies are struggling to find their way to the top of social media. Knowing how to use the proper key words in your website, posts, and blogs and knowing how to not over do all of this could mean the difference between gaining an audience or turning one away.

Homework Assignment:
Consult a hypothetical client on how to create an effective inbound PR campaign. What content would you create?
What channels would you use? Why?

My client is looking to advertise for a new product line of cycling clothes that wicks away moisture quicker and keeps you cool or warm while riding in all temperatures. Based off of the video, I would certainly advise my client by using several methods of communication to reach the public. Using Twitter, Facebook, podcasts for personal interviews, videos, and blog posts. Also, it would be a good idea to be involved in other relevant posts by retweeting them, commenting or reposting them to get your product information out there and build traffic to your pages. Making sure to do this every day will get your name out there and building credibility.

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