The Numbers Don’t Lie

Chapters 21 and 22 are probably the most influential chapters for me so far in this book. As I was reading through the chapters, I couldn’t agree more with what was being stated about Facebook and Twitter, and how it is absolutely changing the way companies take on customers, and states just how large it is through facts and statistics. We are in an era when social media is of the utmost importance, and it is slightly surprising that there are companies who turn a blind eye to this. When comparing our bike shops social media to that of other bike shops, I am amazed that we are actually coming out on top in the area. As I become more submerged in social media, I am fascinated with the reactions and interactions I gather from others. The thing I enjoy most is knowing people are paying attention, and not only just paying attention but taking the time to interact with me (the company) about ideas, events, and concepts that I am putting out there or bringing to their attention. I have definitely noticed an increase of interaction since taking over the social media, and I love it!! Sometimes I wish social media and communications were the only things I focused on at my job, because it doesn’t seem to be nearly as interesting for anyone else.

The Breakdown

In chapter 21 Solis does a great job of giving you a step by step plan on HOW to make a change in your company, regardless of your size, and how to prove it is worth their time, money and dedication to get involved in social media. I will definitely take notes from this chapter if I ever have to put together a social media plan. The outline is fantastic! I love that he goes step by step from the summary to the conclusion, whom you should be focusing on, what stats you need to be including, what the company will expect to see (why should we care/what benefit does this REALLY have) and how to counter those disbelievers. I can definitely say these have been my favorite chapters so far. Way to go Brian Solis!

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