Chapter 23 seemed to be an overall view of how to put together a group to become more engaged in social media. This was a bit vague to me until I got to the example of the new media board of advisors, where it lays out the actual role of the media board of advisors and how this will make a difference when trying to show that social media is necessary for a company.

While I understand that companies need to engage with social media, I do not think I agree with Solis in the matter that every part of the company needs to be fully engaged in it, such as assigning legal or IT a part in the daily activity of social media, unless it really pertains specifically to them. Parts of the company where social media is something they need to pay daily attention to are positions such as HR, marketing, communications, and branding should be involved, and could give different views of the company. Granted, I think everyone should play a part by agreeing to interviews for stories, giving their input on topics, or even volunteering to post something on a big event that is happening with their part of the company, but not every day since it is not necessarily related to their field of work.

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