First off, let me say how awesome Thanksgiving break was! No classes and lots of food! In all the excitement I forgot to post last weeks blog post…..oops. So on we go, to the next blog post!

Chapter 25: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter!

What I gathered from this chapter is: Use twitter, use twitter often, and use twitter well.

Being able to target your audiences, get your fans and friends to follow you, appreciate you and actually gain something from it is what the social media/workplace is all about! Here we see hard numbers-proof that for many companies, social media works! “on April 23, 2009, Naked Pizza reported that Twitter accounted for fifteen percent of total sales that day.” Reaching out to your public, getting tem involved and giving them something for it, such as a discount or free item, can have a huge impact on your businesses customer expansion.

Companies that may not be able to gather tweets organically can “pay per tweet.” Upon doing research, it seems that this can be gone about in a way that is not completely falsifying the idea. “Final control still lies in the hands of advertisers, so that they can ensure quality, sincerity and that the tweet is in line with the advertiser’s core values and message before it is tweeted, thus maximizing the value of the tweet,” an article posted on Adotas, an advertising company, called Pay Per Tweet: A New Twist on Affiliate Marketing elaborates a bit more on the idea of paying per tweet, and how it can be left up to the users what they post about,and even leaving which companies they want to talk about up to them. To read more from this article visit:


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