Chapter 26

While reading through the last chapter of Engaged, we are able to link the reading to our current project of creating a social media plan for a company. I found this to be very helpful when thinking of our plan for The Rocket, and how we could show our ROI through SM. Solis gives us not only a way to put together a SM plan through steps, but also shows us several ways to prove what we are doing is working for a company and worth keeping around.

I fully related to this chapter to our projects, and reading through gathered ideas for our own ways to expand on our PPT slides what and why we are putting together a plan, and how to show those measurements through engagement, volume and action. Those three ideas alone could be the reasoning behind keeping a SM plan around for a company. If people are engaging and being active with the SM, and in turn bringing them into your stores, or shopping online for your product, that to me in itself seems to be a win when considering the minimal amount of cost that is put into putting a plan together.

While you may have to consider how many hours are put into SM versus other work tasks, you also have to consider if those other work tasks are actually working to bring in customers. If your company is stuck in a lull of little to no customer interaction through the store, maybe it is time to reach out to social media to see if it will make a difference. The amount of time people spend on the internet, let alone social media, is astonishing. If you are reaching out to the right people, it could make a big difference in the amount of foot traffic you get through your shop, which increases sales revenue.

I found this chapter to be very beneficial, and a great one to end the semester on, especially since it correlates so well with our project!

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