Getting to Know Me

I am a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying Written Communication and Journalism. Considering my interests, my recent involvement in blogging is rather delayed compared to many of my friends in the same field! My motivation to finally get involved and speak about what is on my mind came from a class I am currently taking: Writing and Civic Literacy. This class is all about advocating for things you believe in, and taking a stand. I decided to do just that and speak my mind about the issues that are most important to me, hopefully inspiring others to speak up and share their beliefs as well.

As far as ‘what is on my mind’ goes- I am interested in getting people involved in their surrounding communities, taking advantage of what is available to them and making the best out of it. Growing up, this was important to my family because my father was a soldier in the Army, and the surrounding community was all we had to lean on at times when family was not around.

Social belonging is one of the strongest feelings a person can have, and it can generate action among the community. Deciding to take part in your community can not only benefit your life, but those around you. Your input, opinions, and ideas could be the one needed to create change and better the lives of others. So why not take a stand for what you believe and see where that takes you?


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